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"The closest anyone comes to perfection is on a resume".  Everyone claims to be an expert, so what if you don't realize the person you're interviewing is only an expert in BS until after you've hired them?

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"Not only has your service enabled us to make more well-rounded hiring decisions; but the insight it has provided us with regard to our current staff has been remarkable."

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The Solution May Be As Simple as A-B-C

The most costly Aptitude Testing is on-the-job aptitude testing. You can't afford to wait until you've hired an employee before you find out if they are qualified for the position!

Unfortunately for most employers who don't use pre-employment Aptitude Testing, they often find that their new hire doesn't have the Aptitude and Skills they claimed to have on their resume and during their interview.

If you aren't currently using any type of Aptitude Testing to pre-screen potential hires, get ready for an eye opener:  Aptitude Testing can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars that result from a bid hire and/or post-hiring training classes!

The Hire Success Custom Aptitude Testing System can help you avoid those costly bad hires, and because you can create unlimited, custom Aptitude tests online, you can start saving with your next hire!

Often, the Problem IS the A-B-C's

Here are a few examples of the problems we've heard from the many employers we work with, and how the Custom Aptitude Testing Solution from Hire Success can help.

Embarrassing Communications

"Employees send embarrassing letters, memos, and emails to clients and prospects with misspelled words and bad grammar, but they have a college degree."

Hire Success Custom Aptitude Testing Solution

Our Standard Aptitude Tests for Spelling and Grammar can give you the insight you need before you make a hire!  There is also a Combination test that includes Math, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Grammar.  The individual tests provide an overall score plus scores by Academic Range (4th-8th Grade, 9th-12th Grade, College Level).  The Combination Aptitude Test provides an overall score plus individual scores for each of the four categories.

Errors with money and change

"Some employees find it difficult to make change for customers or they don't have the math knowledge to know when a cash transaction doesn't look right."

Hire Success Custom Aptitude Testing Solution

Administer our Professionally Developed Math Aptitude Test, and learn what their true math aptitude is before you make a potentially costly hire!  The Math Aptitude Test provides an overall score, plus individual scores by Academic Range (4th-8th Grade, 9th-12th Grade, College Level).

Computer Illiterate

"I hired a new employee who claimed to have experience using our standard computer software, but after being on the job a few days, we discovered we would have to send him through a "refresher" course for $500.

Hire Success Custom Aptitude Testing Solution

The Hire Success Aptitude Testing Series includes a special Combination Aptitude Test for a variety of common computer software systems, including - Windows, Microsoft Office, General Computer Terminology, and Internet Terminology.

Ineffective Company Training

"Our Company has its own training program, but it doesn't seem to be as effective as we would like."

Hire Success Custom Aptitude Testing Solution

Aptitude Testing is a tool that can help you identify weak areas in a training program.  Test student's knowledge before and after the training, and you'll quickly see what they have learned.  You can also track what questions are missed most often on the Post-Training Aptitude Test, which can indicate potential gaps in your training program!  You may also find that most people get certain questions correct before the training program, which can indicate that you can spend less time on that subject.

Specific Knowledge Required For a Job

"Applicants claim to have expertise and training in specific areas that are required for a job, but it's hard to verify if they have that knowledge during an interview."

Hire Success Custom Aptitude Testing Solution

Custom Aptitude Testing allows you to develop specific questions employees will need to know to adequately perform the job you are hiring them for!  Test Applicants using your own Custom Questions, and find out if they are qualified for the job before you hire them.  There is no limit to the number of Custom Questions you can add to the Custom Test Question Database, and no limit to the number of Questions you include on a single test form.  This means you can create your own Custom Combination Tests on any subject or Group of Subjects, and it only costs ONE test credit.

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Is Pre-Employment Aptitude Testing Legal?

Many of our clients' first question is about the legality of pre-employment Aptitude Testing. The Hire Success system adheres to the guidelines set forth by the United States Supreme Court decision in the Girggs vs. Duke Power case. In a nutshell, this case says that employers who administer aptitude tests must assure the questions are "applicable and appropriate" for the job applied for. What does this mean? Well if you're hiring for a truck driver, you wouldn't use an accounting test to see if they are qualified for the job, while if you are hiring an accountant, then a general knowledge of accounting would certainly be "applicable and appropriate" for that position!

The Hire Success Custom Aptitude Test system lets you ensure that your tests are not only compliant with the Griggs decision, but also tailored for each specific job for which you are hiring! And since they are administered and scored online, you can have results emailed to you in 3 minutes!

How do you know you are interviewing the right people?

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